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Whether you seek the perfect pair of glasses, seamless contact lenses, or solutions for dry eye, our mission remains unwavering: to provide unparalleled care and recommend only the finest products tailored to your unique needs. Embark on a journey of visual excellence with us!

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Experience exceptional eye care tailored to your needs at Eyecare & Aesthetics. We prioritize your ocular health with preventive measures and advanced technologies. Plus, we accept a majority of Vision and Medical Insurance Plans, including VSP, for your eye exam!

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Eyecare & Aesthetics is happy to accept a wide range of Vision and Medical Insurance plans.
Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding your coverage.

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Dr. Jennifer Tabiza

Jennifer Tabiza, OD, is a trusted optometrist who offers exceptional care to her patients in the Westchester neighborhood of Los Angeles, California. Dr. Tabiza relies on her extensive knowledge and current technologies to treat and manage Dry Eye Syndrome. Her approach and focus is holistic in nature, turning to modern solutions for common eye conditions.

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