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A routine eye exam is essential to monitor the health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. Westchester Eyecare Center in Los Angeles, California, provides advanced diagnostic screenings, modern vision correction solutions, and research-driven treatments. If you or a family member are due for an eye exam, contact the clinic today. You can call the office or book an eye exam online today.​​​​​​​

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Eye Exams

Why are eye exams important?

Just as you should check in with your primary care physician regularly to ensure you’re in good health, as well as your dentist to check for signs of tooth decay, you should visit with your optometrist regularly. Routine eye exams are preventive screenings to evaluate your eye health and look for early warning signs of eye disease, including glaucoma. Eye exams are also crucial to:

  • Intervene early if you have a concerning eye issue

  • Update your corrective lenses and eyeglasses

  • Check your vision

For children, it’s important to schedule their first pediatric eye exam between the ages of three and four to ensure their eyes and vision are developing normally.

What happens during an eye exam?

Westchester Eyecare Center is dedicated to providing expanded eye exam screenings and evaluations to ensure you have optimal eye health and can see more clearly. Eye exams vary slightly among children, adults, and seniors, but in general, eye exams include the following components:

  • Eye muscle test

  • Visual field test

  • Color vision testing

  • Refraction assessment

  • Visual acuity (vision) test

  • Retina evaluation with a retinal camera

  • Evaluation of personal and family medical history

If you have diabetes, you have special health needs because you have an increased risk of developing diabetic retinopathy, which leads to impaired vision. During a diabetes eye exam at Westchester Eyecare Center, you may need a specialized evaluation that involves dilating your pupils with eye drops so that your doctor can efficiently evaluate your eyes.

How often do I need an eye exam?

How often you need an eye exam depends on your eye health and vision, as well as your family medical history. If you currently wear contacts, eyeglasses, or have a chronic health condition like diabetes, Westchester Eyecare Center recommends annual eye exams. For patients who need eyeglasses, the team offers premier lens technology by Shamir.

If your child doesn’t currently have any vision issues, they generally need pediatric eye exams every two years. As an adult, you need eye exams every 5-10 years until age 40. After that, you should have eye exams about every 1-4 years.

Westchester Eyecare Center also provides preoperative and postoperative eye exams as needed. The team cares for you every step of the way and lets you know what to expect from your specific eye surgery.

What are Shamir lenses?

Shamir lenses are a premium optical lens solution offered at Westchester Eyecare Center. Shamir lenses are born out of extensive research and design to optimize visual acuity for the wearer.

By utilizing big data and artificial intelligence (AI), Shamir has built the most advanced lenses available for consumers. They apply the Shamir Visual AI Engine™ and Eye-Point Technology AI™ alongside novel research about the Visual Age™ of patients at every stage in life to construct their customized lenses suited for all patient needs.

The team at Westchester Eyecare Center carries this advanced line of progressive lenses to the benefit of their patients. Each lens is holistically adapted to the patient by way of extensive application of the latest technology, ensuring optimal vision.

Westchester Eyecare Center provides comprehensive eye exams for all members of your family. Book your visit online, or call the clinic directly to schedule your appointment.

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